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Kundalini Yoga : Meditation : Sound Therapy : Art

My Mission

Hi, I’m Ali and I’m on a mission to support our collective physical, mental and emotional health and well-being through artistic and yoga-related community practises, and to nurture the connection between people and planet. 

I hope to inspire positive action, health and happiness through self-awareness, curiosity and openness to what may be possible with a little faith, courage and perseverance.

Maybe I'll be able to...

Retreat Day


"Relax and Restore'' Retreat Day

Sunday 22nd August
Suitable for all.
Investment: £75

Kundalini Yoga


Energise with me LIVE on ZOOM

Mondays 7-8.30pm
Starts again 16th August

Suggested donation: £10
Thank you 🙂

Make Your Own...

3hr Art Workshop

"Pinch Pot Planters"

Saturday 21st August
2-5pm (5 places)
Investment: £40 including materials & firing

How Can I Help?

I teach busy people like you how to relax your mind and body with the help of Kundalini yoga, meditation, sound therapy, and creative play with clay, drawing and painting, so that you can find your inner calm, manage your stress levels and improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing – whilst enjoying yourself!

I offer weekly Kundalini yoga and meditation classes, fortnightly yoga workshops, and a weekly experimental ‘guided doodling’ drawing class online, inspired by music and the intuitive flow of creativity, curiosity and free-expression. Pottery classes and children’s yoga classes run term-time at Llanover Hall Arts Centre.

What's in a Name?

The name “Mabe and Beable” came to me whilst I was writing up my PhD thesis in Ceramics, when it was brought to my attention that I consistently spelt the words ‘Maybe’ and ‘Be able’ as ‘Mabe’ and ‘Beable’. 

These words speak of wonder, possibility and potential for growth and evolution, ‘Maybe I’ll be able to…’ and I was struck by the irony that I unconsciously developed my own unique way of spelling them!

Mabe and Beable (pronounced “Mayb and Beeble”) have been on quite a journey in my mind, taking on individual characteristics and behaviours typically in the form of “feathered beings” playfully interacting with each other – sometimes as owls, sometimes little birds – hence the logo.

As my alter egos of Mabe and Beable take flight into the multiverse, I promise to give them space to grow, play and blossom into whatever gives them the most joy, trusting that they will be of utmost service to people and planet if they just be themselves.

Maybe I'll be able to...

"What Does The World Need Most,
That You are uniquely positioned to provide?"

– Duke Stump


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